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The Forensic Genetics Laboratory is a Toronto-based laboratory which, over the past years, has grown into one of the largest privately-owned diagnostic laboratories in North America. Our exceptional service and consultation expertise have brought us international recognition among both the investigative and legal communities.

Our company is made up of highly specialized individuals in the fields of forensics. Our Laboratory Directors are well published and respected PhDs and MScs who specialize in the field of molecular biology. As well, all of our professional technicians and customer service representatives are highly educated and trained in molecular biology and genetics.

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Why Choose Forensic Genetics Laboratory?

Over 19 years of experience

Our laboratory has specialized in DNA testing and is constantly growing to expand our testing options. Our laboratory was the first to offer the public a non-invasive way to undergo a DNA test, while pregnant, for determining paternity. Using forensic DNA testing, we have even been able to provide a second opinion in various legal cases. Competitively priced, our goal has always been to provide quick, reliable, and accessible DNA testing.

Your information and privacy is always secured

All of your data is kept on our private database and destroyed after 12 months to maintain personal privacy. Our staff is well adapted to handle confidential information and we always give clients the option of password protecting your case.

Cutting edge laboratory with the most advanced technology

As an expanding laboratory, we are always up-to-date with the latest in PCR technology. We have evolved in our testing procedures and offer our relationship and forensics tests with as many as 16 STR markers to ensure the highest possible testing accuracy so our clients can remain confident in their results.

FGL is the leading DNA laboratory in Toronto concerning familial testing.

We are very proud of this distinction as we believe this to be a testament to our thorough procedures and accurate results. There are many companies that can offer “easy and fast” or “$99” paternity tests, however we have found that most clients agree that our detailed customer service and meticulous testing regiments are invaluable. By using PCR methods in conjunction with 16-marker STR typing, we can guarantee some of the most accurate testing results of 99.99% or greater in the case of inclusions and 100% for exclusions. Also, we are very pleased to offer Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity or Early Gender Detection Testing. This is a service offered uniquely by our laboratory as a secondary option to amniocentesis or CVS for expecting mothers.

The Forensic Genetics Laboratory can guarantee absolute confidentiality and complete privacy for all individuals involved in our testing procedures. We understand that most of our clients turn to our Laboratory during very tumultuous times so we attempt to respect all client requests to the utmost of our ability as we truly appreciate their consideration of our services.

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