Prenatal Paternity DNA Test

What is a prenatal paternity DNA test?

A prenatal paternity DNA test is a test that can be performed during pregnancy to determine parenthood. A prenatal paternity test can be performed as early as ten weeks into the pregnancy and is usually done through safe, non-invasive methods. The father will also need to provide a sample of his DNA, through a simple cheek swab or by providing forensic samples.

Can you get a DNA test while pregnant?

Wondering if you can get a DNA test while pregnant? The answer is, yes! The benefits of this include providing peace of mind to the parents, determining paternity early on in the pregnancy, and allowing the father to be involved especially if it is called into question by any means.

Where can I get a DNA test while pregnant?

There are not many places in Canada and the US where one can get a DNA test while pregnant. While family history centres, online DNA testing companies, local clinics, hospitals, or private DNA testing companies, can conduct other types of DNA tests, it is only a trustworthy and experienced lab like Forensic Genetics Laboratory that provides this service.

If you would like to collect additional forensic samples, visit our instruction page for cheek swabs and hair samples collection.

Initial Deposit: Small deposit of $200 USD ($226.00 CAD) to start the process. 

The Cost of a Paternity DNA Test: The price of a non-invasive prenatal paternity test is 890 USD+80 USD shipping fee USA. (890 CAD+80 CAD FedEx for CANADA), no hidden fees.

Includes all applicable taxes, shipping and processing fees.


Apt time for a Paternity DNA Test: From 10 weeks of pregnancy onwards.
Prenatal Paternity Test Results: 8 business days for the DNA test result. Also, 5 days rush service is available.
Sample Collection: You will receive a prenatal DNA testing kit from Prenatal Genetics Lab. This is used to collect the mother's blood sample and DNA samples of potential fathers at your local laboratory or hospital. Mother’s blood is the only sample collected at the local lab/hospital. The alleged father’s swabs are collected at home since the swabs do not require a healthcare professional’s assistance for collection. The instructions are included for both, blood and swab collections. 
Free Follow-up Test: Only our Laboratory is offering a free gender test result for the baby and a free follow-up paternity DNA test for a newborn child. 
No extra charge for testing on multiple fathers: Pay once for our prenatal paternity test and receive multiple prenatal testing kits to collect samples from more than one potential father at no additional cost.


To book an appointment or receive a free consultation, please contact us by phone at 1-866-362-0577 or by e-mail using the contact form on our contact page.