Legal Client Support

What is a Legal Client Support Service?

More often than not, legal or non-legal family cases need the assistance of a lawyer to navigate the many complex issues that may arise. Forensics Genetics Laboratory offers a full spectrum of DNA services and consultations, including legal support. Our legal client support service is designed to put you in contact with a lawyer to discuss your legal rights and needs. A lawyer can, not only answer any questions you may have regarding your case, but can also advise you on the best course of action for your particular case. 



Forensics Genetics Laboratory Legal Client Support can help you with the following:

  • Advise on the type of DNA test your case needs - Legal DNA Test vs Non-legal DNA Test.
  • Help you use your DNA results in legal disputes, including courts.






Who Can Offer Me a Legal Consultation?

Forensic Genetics Laboratory has established trust and loyalty within the legal testing community for the past 24 years of service. Our expertees allows us to offer our clients the best legal services in GTA. Melekhovets Law Professional Corporation is a legal practive with an extensive focus on family law. Julia Melekhovets (JD) transforms legal challenges into great opportunities for her clients. Feel free to contact Melekhovets Law at (416)-596-1115 or visit lawyer's website to request a consultation for your legal case.


Price Information

Forensic Genetics Laboratory offers free of charge legal referrals. Please follow this link and/or call at (416)-596-1115 for further consultations. Please note: additional lawyer charges are prone to lawyer's consideration and your case details. 





If you would like to collect additional forensic samples, visit our instruction page for cheek swabs and hair samples collection.

To book an appointment or receive a free consultation, please contact us by phone at 1-866-362-0577 or by e-mail using the contact form on our contact page.