Grandparentage DNA Test

What is a Grandparentage DNA Test?

A DNA test can provide many benefits for those who wish to learn more about their family history. For example, a grandparentage DNA test can be used to determine if two individuals are related as grandparents and grandchildren. This type of test can also be used to confirm paternity or maternity when there is no known biological father or mother or in cases where they are unavailable. Additionally, a grandparentage DNA test can help identify genetic disorders that may be present in a family.

Why Might Someone Need a Grandparentage DNA Test?

A grandparentage DNA test can be used to determine if someone is the biological grandparent of another individual. This type of test is often used when one or both parents are unavailable for testing, or when there is uncertainty about parentage. In some cases, a grandparentage DNA test may be used to rule out paternity or maternity or to confirm paternity or maternity. Grandparentage DNA test is used for settling various types of disputes like inheritance, paternity, etc.

How Does a Grandparentage DNA Test Work?

A grandparentage DNA test can be used to determine if a child is related to a specific grandparent. The test works by looking at specific genetic markers that are passed down from parent to child. If the child shares those same markers with the grandparent, it is likely that they are related. Grandparentage DNA tests can be done using a sample of the child’s DNA, or a sample of the grandparent’s DNA. The samples can be collected using simple cheek swabs.

How to Get a Grandparentage DNA Test

1. Choose a reputable DNA testing company. Many companies offer DNA tests, so it’s important to choose one that has experience with this type of testing, like Forensic Genetics Laboratory.

2. Collect samples from the child and potential grandparents. A swab of the inside of the cheek is all that is needed. The samples will need to be mailed to the laboratory for analysis.

3. Receive your results. Once the samples have been analyzed, you will receive your results within 3-5 business days. The results will either confirm or exclude a biological relationship between the child and potential grandparents.


*This test is for personal use and is not admissible in court. Please see our ‘Legal DNA Test’ for court use. 

If you would like to collect additional forensic samples, visit our instruction page for cheek swabs and hair samples collection.

$199 (for 2 individuals, +$99 for each additional individual)

*Additional fees for alternative samples

*All prices are subject to HST for Canadian residents


Results are completed in 5 business days. An expedited, 3 business day service, is available for an additional $50 charge (due when samples are received.) We test 16 STR markers presented with numeric values and provide a combined relatedness index and probability of percent relatedness on your report. You may choose to receive results by any number of methods including e-mail, mail, and by phone. We always give you the option of password protecting your case!

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