Sibling DNA Test

A Sibling DNA Test is used to determine if you share the same two parents, or if you only share one common parent.  An individual will do a siblingship test if they do not have access to testing the biological parents in question. There are two types of siblingship tests known as half siblingship or full siblingship: 

Half Sibling DNA Test: when two siblings do not share the same biological mother and also not sure if they share the same biological father.

Full Sibling DNA Test: when two siblings share one biological parent and want to confirm if they share the other. 

This test requires a DNA sample from at least two alleged siblings. It is a convenient way to confirm paternity or maternity when the alleged father or mother is unavailable. Our test only requires a simple cheek swab which can be collected with our easy to use, at-home, collection kit. Should you be unable to collect a swab from any of the parties involved, you may choose to submit an alternative forensic sample at an additional charge. All aspects of private DNA diagnostic tests are kept completely confidential.

*This test is for personal use and is not admissible in court. Please see our ‘Legal DNA Test’ for court use. 

If you would like to collect samples without waiting for the kit to arrive, visit our instruction page for cheek swabs and hair samples collection.


$199 (for 2 individuals, +$99 for each additional individual)

*Additional fees for alternative samples

*All prices are subject to HST for Canadian residents.


Results are completed in 5 business days. An expedited, 3 business day service, is available for an additional $50 charge (due when samples are received.) We test 16 STR markers presented with numeric values and provide a combined relatedness index and probability of percent relatedness on your report. You may choose to receive results by any number of methods including e-mail, mail, and by phone. We always give you the option of password protecting your case!

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