Legal DNA Test


What is a legal DNA test?

A legal DNA test is a test that is used to determine the relationship between two individuals, including the chain of custody paperwork that can be used in legal matters.This type of test can be used in several different situations, such as when someone is trying to establish paternity or when they are trying to prove their relationship in a court of law. Saliva samples of the concerned individual(s) with the help of cheek swabs are collected for this process.


Benefits of legal DNA testing:

We at the Forensic Genetics Laboratory stick to confidentiality just as our professionalism in serving our clients. Thanks to our latest DNA testing methods, we offer accurate results within 3-5 business days to our clients. The results are delivered directly to the client and their lawyer. One can also choose to password their test results. These unique features help us stand out from our competitors and have helped us establish ourselves as one of the most trusted certified DNA testing services in Canada.


Our Legal DNA Testing Services:

As expert professionals, we understand the gravity of legal DNA tests. As an accredited DNA Testing centre in Canada, we offer accurate and fast results that could be used for the following:

  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Birth Certificate
  • Tax Requirements
  • Succession
  • Court Order
  • Adoption

We understand the significance of our client's case. This is why we assign our representatives who will assist you throughout your case. The laboratory also offers our clients a Legal Client Support Service. Feel free to contact Melekhovets Law at (416)-596-1115 or visit lawyer's website to request a consultation for your legal case.


Accreditation and Certification:
Our team of experts and professionals work together to ensure there are no loose ends that could put us and/or our clients in a difficult situation. If you are looking for seamless legal DNA analysis in Canada, contact Forensic Genetics Laboratory.

If you would like to collect additional forensic samples, visit our instruction page for cheek swabs and hair samples collection.

$385 (for 2 individuals, +$192 for each additional individual)

*All prices are subject to HST for Canadian residents.


Results are completed in 5 business days. An expedited, 3 business day service, is available for an additional $50 charge (due when samples are received.) We test 16 STR markers presented with numeric values and provide a combined relatedness index and probability of percent relatedness on your report. You may choose to receive results by any number of methods including e-mail, mail, and by phone. All supporting documentation is sent with your report to the legal or governing body assisting in your case. You will be given 12 months from the date your report is complete, to provide us with this information. We always give you the option of password protecting your case!



To book an appointment or receive a free consultation, please contact us by phone at 1-866-362-0577 or by e-mail using the contact form on our contact page.